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Jaime Green teaches physics at e3 Civic High.  She was raised in San Diego county and graduated from El Capitan High School in 1979.  During high school she was inspired by a physics teacher to study physics and graduated from UCSD with a masters degree in physics in 1986.  Although she initially considered working in research, she found that her talents and interests kept returning to education. After teaching adults at National University and homeschooling her own children, she decided to pursue a teaching credential in physics and chemistry.  Now she hopes to inspire the next generation to study and seek employment in STEM fields, just as she was inspired by a high school teacher.

Ms. Green enjoys running and hiking and spending time with her family.  She has six children and has been married for thirty years. Her favorite place to visit is Iceland.  She enjoys playing word games like Scrabble and solving puzzles, especially sudoku and crossword.