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Nandi Shabazz is a new member of the e3 team. She attended high school in San Diego at Kearny Senior High School and continued her education at San Diego Mesa College where she earned her Associate of Science in Mathematics. She then went on to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with an emphasis in Secondary Education at San Diego State University. In her spare time she enjoys the beach, spending time with family, friends and her pet fish. 
After spending three years in the nonprofit workforce development world, she is beyond thrilled to embark on a new adventure here at e3. Teaching math has been an aspiration for her since she herself was in high school. She looks forward to enlightening those who don't see math in every day occurrences with engaging and innovative lessons and projects. Below are the classes in which she will be teaching here at e3. 
Pre-Calculus: This is a two-semester course that combines concepts of trigonometry, geometry, and algebra that are needed to prepare students for the study of calculus.

Math Readiness: This is a two-semester that combines the concepts of problem solving, geometry, linear functions, along with graphs and equations to prepare students for Math 1.