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It is my mission to create an exciting, challenging, and engaging learnership that inspires all stakeholders to develop as critical thinkers, collaborative workers, and caring community contributors. I serve as Dean of Scholar Support and Lead Education Specialist at e3 Civic High. I have two decades of leadership experience as a coach and educator. I was an international ski racing coach for fifteen years including coaching in the winter Olympics. I worked at High Tech High Chula Vista and enrolled in the High Tech High Graduate School of Education teacher credentialing program. Currently, I anticipate graduating from SDSU in December 2020 with a Masters in Educational Leadership and a California Administrative Services Credential.

I am Caring, a Future Thinker, and a Discoverer. I always lead with my heart. I am passionate about sharing my love for learning with others. Care, compassion, and empathy guide every decision I make. I use these same traits to help guide others in their thinking towards a shared vision of our future best selves. This vision is a catalyst for us to continue on our journey to become the best role models and leaders in our school community. This journey becomes a learnership for students and staff alike. On our journey, we will discover more about ourselves, others, and most importantly, how best to serve our communities.