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English Language Development

The Local Control Accountability Program at e3 is designed to build English proficiency for all English Learners by grade 12. The academic program provides certificated support across the curriculum to support scholars building their capacity for English proficiency.  Parents are an integral part of the process and are included in trainings and sessions designed to support the learning at home and at school.  
In addition to push in support, SIOP training for Learning facilitators, and 80% plus Friday tutoring session, EL scholars are enrolled in the Specialized English Instruction course during eBlock for intensive work in mastering the English language.  It is the goal to reclassify better than 20% of e3 scholars each year as English Proficient learners.
Structured English Immersion (SEI) Program Model
  • During eBlock each Wednesday
  • Targets EL levels:  Beginner, Early Intermediate and Intermediate
  • Focused Instruction:   Reading, Writing, Speaking & Grammar
  • Designed to accelerate English Proficiency
  • Assists in helping EL scholars have greater success in all content classes (Humanities, Math, Science) and all academic skills
Mainstream English Cluster (MEC) Program Model
  • ELD Specialist pushes into content classes
  • 1 to 1 or small group assistance with academic assignments
  • Targets EL levels:  Beginner through Advanced
  • Designed to assist scholars for success in the studios
  • Co-Facilitating with Lead Content Learning Facilitators
Our parent meetings are hosted through out the year and we recommend all to attend to give feedback and input. Additional meetings and events for this academic year are scheduled as followed:
January:    Managing Stress and Eating Disorders
March:      Student Led Conferences and Getting Ready for College
May:         School-wide Exhibition