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Mr. Marquez was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. He moved to San Diego as a teenager and completed a mathematics B.A. and teaching credential at San Diego State University. Mr. Marquez is proud to live in a multicultural community like San Diego-Tijuana. He is a huge soccer fan and enjoys going to the theater, working out, camping, and spending time with his family and church.

Mr. Marquez is thrilled to become part of the amazing learning community of e3 Civic High. As a teacher, he wants to motivate students to appreciate math for its practical applications and because it helps them become smarter and better prepared for jobs. Mr. Marquez is a firm believer in Self Determination Theory. In other words, he aspires to guide a learning community where students feel appreciated, practice values, and collaborate with each other. Mr. Marquez will also work to ensure that all students become more skillful at math and they can appreciate their individual progress after each school day. Finally, he is excited about developing student independence, autonomy, and creative through project based learning.