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Mr. Newman's Home Page

Mr. Newman is a San Diego Native, born and raised in Del Mar. He began his life-long passion for science and the environement during his many snorkeling trips he took to Mexico growing up. At the end of high school he decided it was time to leave San Diego and moved to Santa Cruz, where he completed a double major in both Marine Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz. After college, Mr. Newman began his teaching career by working at various outdoor science camps. In these programs, he taught on trail and on the oceans. Despite the fact that he loved teaching indoors he was drawn to working with high school students, so he returned to school and completed his teaching credential at Sonoma State University. Just after doing his credential he was offered a job in Oceanside (in North San Diego) and he knew it was time to move back to his home town. After teaching both Biology and AP Environmental Science for three years he took a year off of teaching to pursue his Masters at San Diego State University. He greatly enjoyed his studies there, and completed a Masters in Education focusing on Cross-Cultural Education. He went on to teach in both Carlsbad and Chula Vista for a total of eight years in the classroom. Mr. Newman is thrilled be continuing at e3 for this school year! He is excited to get to know his new students. It is his hope that he can pass along his passion for science and the environment to the youth of e3 Civic High. When he's not teaching he loves to hike, scuba dive, go to concerts or theater and create art.