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Club Policies


1.    Find an e3 Staff member  who will agree to serve as the Club Advisor

2.    Fill out and submit the e3 Club Application including Complete a Constitution and Club Roster, and then return it to Civic Leadership. The club roster must have a minimum of 14 members in order to be considered for approval by Civic Leadership.

3.    The Club Application will then go through an approval process according to the Civic Leadership Constitution.

4.    Once approved, read and understand the “e3 Club Handbook” which includes information on: a) Fund-raisers b) Activity Planning c) Parliamentary Procedures d) Financial Procedures e) Leadership f) Club Constitution (Club Constitutions are to be completed and ratified by all club members and officers and returned to Civic Leadership for final approval within two weeks of being granted club status.). See e3 Club Handbook (below).


All clubs must exist to serve a purpose. The following differentiates between the different type of clubs:


●     Gives students practice in democratic self-government

●     Extends and reinforces the instructional program

●     Honors outstanding student achievement

●     Provides opportunities for community service

●     Builds student morale and positive support for the school

●     Has a certificated employee act as a participatory advisor

●     Has a minimum of 12 participants at all times (including all regular meetings)

Non Curricular

●     May be political, religious, or philosophical

●     Must be student-initiated and student-led

●     May have guest speakers but may not have regular attendance by non-school persons

●     Must have a certificated employee act as a non-participatory custodial advisor. Has a minimum of 14 participants at all times (including all regular meetings)

High Risk Clubs

The following are example of high-risk clubs that may be approved: bike riding, roller hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, skateboarding, dancing, and surfing THESE EXAMPLES ARE NOT GUARANTEED APPROVAL. Each member of the club must complete a Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement. The club advisor is responsible for making sure these forms are complete and on file for an entire school year. All high-risk clubs must obtain approval from the e3 Civic High Executive Director


Curriculum Club Advisor

●     A co-curricular club is school sponsored.

●     The advisor helps establish the framework, which reflects the goals and attitudes of the club and its members and aligns the club to enhance the curricular program.

●     The advisor follows prescribed procedures for room usage, finances and activities.

●     The advisor must fill out the appropriate paperwork, permission slips, liability waivers, and assure the appropriate number of chaperones are present for any event even if it is an after school activity.

●     The advisor and the student leaders work hand in hand to set goals and guide the club throughout the year.

●     The advisor helps students prepare and submit a yearly budget.

●     The advisor must sign any financial request forms and oversee the spending and earning of club money.


Non Curriculum Club Advisor

●     Clubs that are of a political, philosophical, or of a religious nature are not school sponsored, but enjoy many of the same privileges of a co-curricular club.

●     The clubs are under the care of a custodial advisor.

●     A custodial advisor is mandated by law not to set goals, dictate policy, run meetings or make their personal or ideological opinions the focus of the club.

●     The advisors are there only to insure that the rules of the school are upheld with regard to safety, room use, and financial transactions.

●     The club is run solely by the students. The club is allowed to have speakers from the community be presenters during their meetings, but they must be approved, as all speakers are, through the office. They may not meet with the students on a consistent basis.


Please download and review the e3 CLUB HANDBOOK
To apply and propose a new club, please download and complete the e3 CLUB APPLICATION FORM