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Prep for College & Career


The College & Career Counselors at e3 Civic High assist scholars in becoming better informed academically, occupationally, and socially in order to effectively make critical decisions. Counselors also assist scholars with their Personalized Learning Plan, class selection, and scheduling. They are available to assist with planning, interpretation of tests, school programs, parent/teacher conferences, and referrals to tutoring, testing, and community agencies. They provide a plethora of information for college, financial aid, and scholarships throughout the four years of high school and assist with the entire post secondary process during senior year.


In addition to individual appointments, counselors work with scholars in special groups and classroom presentations. Parents are encouraged to email or call their scholar’s counselor for information or to make an appointment for a conference.



Scholars and parents may make appointments with his/her counselor at any time. Email is the best way to contact the counseling staff to set up an appointment.  


Ms. Rojas (A-L) 619-546-0000        [email protected] (habla español)

Ms. Strening (M-Z) 619-546-0000    [email protected]