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Dual (Concurrent) Enrollment

For more information about San Diego City College Concurrent Enrollment Program:

For more information, regarding concurrent high school enrollment contact the Off-Campus Programs office at (619) 800-4403.



San Diego City College is committed to creating educational opportunities by waiving tuition fees for eligible local high school students. 



High School Students... Consider this!

  • High school students get free tuition.
  • Earn college credit while in high school, finish college early.
  • One semester of San Diego City College is equal to approximately a year of high school.
  • Significantly reduce the overall time & expenses associated with college = Save $$$
  • Take fun classes like art, music, human services, career technical education & much more.
  • Community college courses earn similar GPA points as AP Classes.
  • Did we mention it's next to being FREE!


Admission Regulation

High school students requesting concurrent enrollment may be admitted as "special part-time" students subject to the following criteria:

  • Students must have completed the 10th grade.
  • High school students must satisfy course prerequisites and eligibility requirements.
  • Enrollment in Physical Education classes will not be permitted.
  • The course is advanced scholastic or technical (college degree applicable). Contact the Admission Office for details.
  • The course is not available at the school of attendance.
  • Students will be given college credit for all courses. Grades will be part of the student's permanent college record.


Academic Standing Rules

  • Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average each semester in all college work.
  • If the number of units of W, I and NP exceed 40%, in any semester or session, the student will be academically disqualified.
  • Students whose grade point average falls below a 2.0, or who do not complete 60% of all units attempted, will not be permitted to re-enroll without approval from a college counselor.