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Community College Information

San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) 
What Community Colleges are in the SDCCD?


SD Community College District

Grossmont and Cuyamaca College

Southwestern College



The San Diego Promise provides two years of tuition at City, Mesa and Miramar colleges for first-time, full-time students. Leveraging funds provided by the state of California through the California College Promise, and with the support of generous donors, the San Diego Community College District is ensuring that no deserving student is denied access to quality higher education due to lack of resources.


The San Diego Promise started as a pilot program in 2016 with 186 students. The following year, the program expanded to include nearly 700 students. In October 2017, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 19. This bill created the California College Promise, a program providing free tuition for one year at California community colleges for full-time students. Funding from this program is expected to significantly bolster our existing San Diego Promise program. As a result, the San Diego Promise will extend the program to some eligible students into their second year.

Today, the San Diego Promise serves as a completion program – one that provides funding for two years of community college education for participating students.


- Be a California resident or AB-540 eligible

- First-time college student

- Register in at least 12 units in Fall and Spring


STEP 1: Apply for College

STEP 2: Apply for Financial Aid

STEP 3: Complete Student Success and Support Program



From specialized counseling to help with creating a comprehensive educational plan, and guided educational pathways, the San Diego Community College District is committed to making sure that students participating in the San Diego Promise reach their educational goals.

San Diego Promise participants also receive a variety of support services, including regular meetings with a counselor, participation in workshops, and frequent email reminders to assist them in remaining on track.

Such services are playing a key role with the District having some of the highest student completion rates in the California Community Colleges system and a 45 percent increase in degrees conferred since 2014.

For additional information on the San Diego Promise contact District Outreach at 619-388-6703.