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Dr. Xu was born in China and immigrated to the United States in 2002. He received his Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership and a Master’s in Statistics from San Diego State University. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Information from Beijing Institute of Commerce. 

Dr. Xu taught high school mathematics and computer science courses in China before working as the Beijing branch manager for the United States-China Business Institute. After earning his Master's of Science degree and teaching credential in Mathematics and Mandarin, he became a mathematics/Mandarin teacher at the San Diego High-School of Business for the San Diego Unified School District. He subsequently worked as a Mandarin/math teacher at Riverview International Academy, a trilingual program, and as a Foreign Language Assistance Program Coordinator for the Lakeside Union School District. Dr. Xu was instrumental in helping to develop the trilingual program for their district. 

Having been a student and an educator in both China and the United States, Dr. Xu is interested in culture and education, equity in education, and international education cooperation. 

Dr. Xu is honored to be part of the founding team at ℮³ Civic High.