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e3 Counseling & Wellness Services

Counseling Staff:
Ms. Jessica Rojas (A-L   Counselor)
Ms. Cynthia Strening (M-Z   Counselor)
Mr. Paul Smith (Director of Wellness)
Our Counseling Center will offer the following wellness services to students and families:
Social and Emotional Support
Character Development
Skill Development
Guidance Activities
Community Based Referrals
Peer Mediation
If a student would like to request a meeting with a counselor, they are encouraged to speak with us before school, during lunch/passing period, or after school in addition to sending us an email.  Parents are welcome to call or email us anytime if they have a concern about their child’s academic experience or success.
Once again, we are so excited to partner with you and your student on their educational journey and lifelong dreams!  Please continue to visit the e3 website for updates about our Counseling Center, get important information, and find the latest news about upcoming events.