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e3 Laptop Program

Student Laptop and Case
All e3 Civic High (e3) students will be assigned a 13 inch Macbook Air laptop. The Laptop shall remain property of e3 at all times.  Students will be allowed to take Laptops home during the school year. All Laptops must be turned in at the end of each school year or immediately if the student is no longer enrolled at e3.

Required To Check Out Student Laptop
To check out a laptop for the school year students and parent/guardians must complete the following three steps:
  1. Read and agree to the e3 Digital Use Policy (DUP) and e3 Digital Citizenship
  2. Read and sign the e3 Laptop Loan Agreement Form 
  3. Make an annual contribution towards the cost of laptop insurance and maintenance of $75.00. Students are encouraged to purchase an e3 Civic High Laptop Sleeve for $15.00. See: Laptop Use Payment
Laptop and Power Adapter Identification
Every Laptop and and Power Adapter has been inventoried by serial number and an e3 Asset ID Tag. You will find the asset tag on the bottom of the Laptop and on the Power Adapter.  You be responsible for the care and return of the Laptop and Power Adapter that has been assigned to you. Do not remove or tamper with any Asset ID Tag as this will result in immediate suspension and / or loss of privileges. You will use the same Laptop as was originally issued while at e3, unless those parts fail or are stolen or damaged.
Insurance | Laptop Liability
e3 has a Laptop Insurance Policy to protect laptops against accidental damage such as drops and spills as well as Theft (with police report). You can pay via the e3 website (preferred) or by check made payable to e3 Civic High. If the Laptop is stolen or damaged the student will be responsible to pay a $25.00 insurance deductible. Power adapters are NOT covered by insurance. If a power adapter is lost, stolen or damaged student will be responsible for full replacement cost of $85.00. 
Stolen | Damaged Laptop
If the Laptop is stolen OR damaged Borrower shall notify e3 immediately AND fill out the online e3 Claim Form. If the Laptop is damaged, Borrower shall return the Laptop to e3. If the Laptop is stolen the Borrower is required to immediately file a police report. DO NOT file a false police report. It is a crime and you will be prosecuted. Borrower will be responsible for the the full replacement or repair cost if a claim is not covered by insurance.  To submit a claim for a damaged or stolen laptop see: e3 Laptop insurance Claim Form.
Technical Support
Each laptop comes with full Applecare phone support as well as walk in support to any Apple Genius Bar located in any Apple Store. See the Technical Support tab to the right on this page.
Laptop Storage and Cloud
While students are free to store documents and information on Laptops, it is highly recommended that student work, documents, photos, music and other be stored on the cloud. Each student has been issued a e3 Google Apps and email account. Student work should be stored on cloud the student Google Apps For Education account. Data stored here it will always be accessible by the student and not subject to being erased if Laptop needs to be re-imaged or repaired. e3 assumes no responsibility for lost data.
Google Apps For Education
Each student has been issued a Google Apps for Education account. Please use this account and Google Apps for school related work (creation and storage when possible). See Google Apps For Education for more information.
Home Internet - Connect2Compete
Your family may qualify for Internet service at $9.95 per month if you have at least on child eligible for free lunches through the National School Lunch Program and have not subscribed to Cox Internet service in the last 90 days. No deposit required. To learn more, see Connect2Compete.
If you have questions please email [email protected]