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Digital Tools at e3 Civic High!
e3 Civic High students have a wonderful opportunity to use the school's technology resources for education. These resources will help to broaden your horizons, provide diverse opportunities and help prepare you for the future. Students will be have access the Internet and technology. With this great opportunity students have responsibility of care and digital citizenship.
Students to Design Their Own Learning
Providing a laptop puts the students at the center of education, where they can become producers and evaluators of content. With one device per child, teachers have the tools for personalizing student learning – and that increases interest and participation.

Preparing Students to Succeed in the 21st Century
More than 80% of FORTUNE 500 companies post their job openings online only and require online applications. 50% of today’s jobs require technology skills, and this percentage is expected to grow to 77% in the next decade. e3 is our digital and informational literacy platform which provides the tools for teaching and learning to support our vision of engaging, educating, empowering students for the 21st Century and global workplace. Digital e3 will work to support students and our e3 teaching and learning environment with the information and tools to best prepare all students for the future success while becoming passionate lifelong learners. Digital Citizenship and appropriate and safe use of technology is embedded in the core curriculum and daily activities at e3. 

Access to Excellent Education for All
Access to technology opens many doors for students. As students access and discover educational content, they learn how it is applied to real-life situations. Students experience how the information influences daily habits and education now fits into the student’s world. 

Internet Safety and Security of Students
e3 has has adopted and implemented an Internet safety policy to address student safety. We educate staff and students on cyber-bullying, appropriate online behavior, and social networking. Internet content is filtered for appropriate content while at school.