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Medieval Times Field Trip





Mr. Bello and Ms. Voigt would like to ask for your support so they can take their AP World History scholars on a field trip to Medieval Times! This field trip will be one that our scholars will enjoy and remember as a highlight from this school year.  Medieval Times supports a classroom curriculum and will provide background information for our scholars to be able to think critically and use their creativity as they draw conclusions about the era and make connections to the present day. The focus of Medieval Times is the practice of chivalry and how it affected the decisions made by individuals in the era. The curriculum provided by this organization includes lessons and projects where our scholars can fully develop their understanding of the practice of chivalry and why it is pertinent in our present society. In addition, there are curriculum components that review the overall lifestyle of the Medieval Era including living in castles, making a coat of arms, and living in an era of feudalism. All of this understanding will help our scholars to conceptualize what they have been learning through their AP World History course this year.


The fundraising goal is $8,700, we hope that you can support our scholars in making this field trip possible. 


To donate, please click on this LINK and note that the donation is for the Medieval Times field trip on the note section. 


With gratitude, 

Mr. Bello & Ms. Voigt