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Internship Benefits to Students and Supervisors

Benefits and Advantages

The benefits of a successful internship program are not just limited to students, the community and the business/industry/organization will benefit as well.

Advantages to students

  • Reinforces the relevance of classroom instruction through practical application of academic, soft and technical skills.

  • Emphasize the importance of being able to follow directions, pay attention to details and accept constructive criticism.

  • Promotes problem-solving, critical-thinking,  decision-making, and communication skills

  • Provides the opportunity to explore a career interests

Advantages to the Community/business/industry/Organization

  • Builds good community-school relationships.

  • Allows site supervisors/mentors to share their expertise and serve as positive role models for young adult.

  • Enables businesses/industries/organizations to grow future workforce.

  • Affords businesses/industries/organizations the opportunity to give feedback to the program curriculum so that skills/knowledge that are important in the field may be taught.

Advantages to the School

  • Demonstrates the concept that education is indeed a community-wide partnership.

  • Promotes assessment by both the internship coordinator and site supervisor/mentor for better guidance towards realistic career goals.

  • Enhances public relations within the school community through the uniqueness and diversity of the internship program.