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Biomedical Engineering Curriculum

The e3 Civic High Biomedical Engineering program offers the following four-year sequence:

Grade 9 - Medical Biology

Medical Biology is a UC approved Biology course with an emphasis on the clinical aspects of Biology. Meeting the same state standards as a regular Biology course, Medical Biology is the entry-level science for the Medical Pathway.  Students enroll in this class at the 9th grade level. Every unit and lab assignment in the Medical Biology curriculum relates to health, the human condition, and the health care professions.

Medical Biology is an experimental science, with the focus on molecular, cellular, and body system interactions.  This reflects the job market, where thousands of new jobs are being created in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, medicine, and related molecular biology fields. In addition, citizens in the new millennium will face an increasing number of science related issues such as stem cell research, global warming, cloning, and gene manipulation. This highly contextualized method meets all California State Standards and is an approved “D” Biology course as required by the UC and CSU universities.

Grade 10 - Biotechnology

The course will consist of approximately 50% Biology; 35% Chemistry; and 15% Investigation and Experimentation. The course will combine topics in biology and chemistry theory with practical application of biotechnology skills and laboratory exercises. A special emphasis will be placed on bacterial transformation, protein purification, and quality control practices. Under California’s Health Science and Medical Technology Sector is the Biotechnology Research and Development Pathway; several of those standards are reflected in this course.                         

This course will expose students to the role of biotechnology in society; help them discover its relevance to their lives; guide them in developing the basic skills necessary in academic and industry lab settings; encourage students to pursue higher education in biotechnology; and encourage them to see any one of San Diego County’s biotechnology companies as a viable career option.


Grade 11 - Biomedical Chemistry

Chemistry (Medicine and Health) is a rigorous college-preparatory science course designed to collectively mentor students interested in exploring a career in health and medicine.  This course is based on the California State Standards for Chemistry which were developed so that every student would have access to a uniform quality and quantity of information in science.  Students will be expected to pursue mastery of the standards with problem-solving, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning skills.

Grade 12 - Anatomy/ Physiology Honors

This course is designed to be 12th grade, advanced study of the human body for students with an interest in pursuing a career in a health-related field.  Topics include anatomical structures, physiological systems, and body functions.  Students will acquire skills used in the classification of data, experience in oral and written communication of data, and skills in drawing logical inferences and predicting outcomes.  Students will apply the principle of physiology to human health and well-being and evaluate the applications and career implications of physiology and anatomy principles. This is an A-G UC-approved lab science, with a pre-requisite of Medical Chemistry.