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e3 Professional Attire FAQ's

What type of shoes should my student wear?
Shoes must be closed-toe for safety. No flip flops, sandals or house slippers/shoes. Shoes with heels must be under 2 inches, again for safety when walking up and down 1 to 6 flights of stairs.

What are the items for the school year?
The list of essential items of the professional attire for all students are as follows:

•e3 Vest
•e3 Cardigan
•e3 SweaterVest
•e3 Polar Fleece Jacket (Windbreaker)
•e3 Sweatshirt
•e3 Polo Shirt
•e3 Oxford Shirt
•Khaki pants or skirts
•P.E. Attire

My student is a female does she need to wear the tie?
Yes, both our female and male students get to wear the tie for the Tuesday Attire. Students have the option to wear the tie on other days of the week as well in addition to Tuesday, especially when going on job shadows, internships and field trips.

 Can my student wear any jacket and/or outerwear?
Outwear is a part of the professional attire. The current professional attire outerwear is the e3 Cardigan, e3 SweaterVest, e3 Sweatshirt, and the e3 polar fleece jacket.

 I've heard about a "Tuesday Attire" What is that?
The expectation for the Tuesday Attire for our students to learn how to dress professionally.  On Tuesday they wear the oxford shirt, vest or cardigan (students can wear both if they so choose) and striped e3 tie. Our goal is to instill the idea and concept of professional dress for success that gets the job, scholarship, grant or just makes a good first impression. 

Can my student wear make-up?
Yes, students are allowed to wear make up to school. We asked that all make up is clean, neat, not excessively heavy and presents a polished look.  

Your handbook says that khaki shorts are appropriate attire however, you do not have shorts available for purchase? Are they still an option?
Due to recent updates and amendments of the student handbook, shorts and capris are no longer part of the professional attire. For our students Khaki pants are the acceptable bottoms; in addition to pants, our female students can wear a skort and/or skirt.

Do we have to purchase the uniform through the school?
For your convenience, the school has a professional attire store.  You can order through the website and pickup on campus.  You can also come on campus to try on the clothing.  For assistance, please contact the administrative office to help.

 How soon can I purchase my student's uniform?
You can pre order the professional attire TODAY from the website store! Readily available for pick up during the week of Summer Bridge.

We are looking for hooded sweatshirts from previous years on the website. Are they still an option?
No, the hooded sweatshirts from last year are no longer a part of the professional attire. Students that have the hooded sweatshirt from last year may only wear them during Health and Wellness Class.

 Is there a way we can try on the uniform before we make a purchase?
Yes, students will be able to try on most of the items before purchasing during the Professional Attire Sale of Summer Bridge, open from 12:30 through 3:30pm all weeklong.

 Is there a special dress code for field trips?
No, the current professional attire is in place to act as the dress code for any and all field trips presentations and guest speakers. Please note it is up to the discretion of the Executive Director and/or Learning Facilitator to instruct students to wear the Wednesday Attire (on a different day of the week) for presentations and/or field trips. 

What is your policy on piercings?
Facial piercings are not allowed. The expectation for students is to have modest ear piercings that are safe and not a distraction i.e. gauges, plugs, drug and/or weapon paraphilia themed accessories fall within the unprofessional catagory.