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e3 School Attire

Hello ℮³ Families:
The e³ Civic High school attire is designed to have our students stand out as members of the business and professional community. Our students will display their professional attire and show their school spirit and pride through our uniform of the day. The uniform will be designed around our school colors of navy blue and hunter green.  The e³ logo will be included as a part of our unique signature brand.  We look forward to seeing our students stand out as the best dressed, in addition to  being the academic scholars who are becoming the thriving leaders of America's Finest  City.  Our vendor has equipped us and our online store is ready.  
In addition, e³ students and staff will select college shirts to wear that build the excitement of our college-going culture. During special days, e³ will focus on the many colleges that our students are preparing to enter. We look forward to our display of higher academia.
We are fully out into the downtown community and we want our students to make an awesome first impression.  To date we already have had more than 400 visitors from our local area, throughout the United States, and school leaders from around the world.  Delegations have visited from China, Egypt, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.  In the spring of 2015, The Next Generation Learning Challenges funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Hewlett Foundation and The Broad Foundation will sponsor educational leaders from all over the country to visit our campus.  We believe our students and staff will have the opportunity to demonstrate what project-based learning resembles in a professional environment that integrates early college courses and workplace experience.   

During the first year of opening e3 Civic High, a group of students hurried into the school to report that a woman riding the San Diego trolley stopped them in sheer amazement and said  - You students look so professional - Bless you !!   This is a sign that our community is taking note and watching our ℮³ scholars.

For your convenience you can purchase all of your school-wear either at e3 or on our web store. We have each of our pieces with the embroidered ℮³ logo. We also have a high quality khaki pants, skirts and "skorts" for your purchase. Please note that Khaki pants must be full length and that the hem of skirts & "skorts" equal or exceed the full arm length when fully extended. Jeans and skinny pants are not a part of the ℮³ attire.  
Order Online at the Web Store under the Student Life link!
Please let us know if you have any questions! Contact Ms. Rivas at or Maria Gibson at