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Academic Support

Module 6 Information

All scholars at e3 will begin to attend Mod 6 from 3:08 pm-4:00 pm. Module 6 is designed to support all scholars in becoming college competitive and developing skills mastery in writing, reading, and mathematics.


There are 4 courses running during Module 6 and all courses will meet Monday-Thursday.

  1. Personalized Learning Independent Study (PLIS): Scholars will meet with their LF and be escorted to the Public Library to begin personal study time.  While in the library scholars will access the online database for research, log on to the online tutors for immediate feedback, submit writing assignments for 48 hour feedback from online, certificated teachers, work in study groups using the library meeting spaces, access the homework center, print assignments, and check out books for extracurricular reading.  Scholars will take ownership for their learning during this time and access the staff librarians and the online supports to build competency as they prepare to enter post-secondary study and training.  For 12th graders interested in support for the college application process please see your counselor for scheduling. 

  1.   Academic Advancement:

    • Monday and Wednesday, scholars will report to their LF and be escorted to the Public Library for personalized learning and independent study time (see supports mentioned above).  
    • Tuesday and Thursday scholars will report to their LF for specific, focused academic support in Mathematics, English Language Arts or Science on site. Using personalized tools (ie, Kahn Academy, math iXL, Achieve 3000), scholars will remain on campus and focus on building skills in their gap areas.  These courses are led by the LF’s and instructional tutors.  They will provide one-on-one and group instruction during this time.
  1. Diploma Attainment: Designed for 11th and 12th grade scholars to provide support toward on-time, high school graduation.  This course meets Monday through Thursday on the e3 campus.  Scholars work toward completion of courses required for on-time graduation. They report daily to their assigned Learning Facilitator and Learning Associate.

  1. Structured English Immersion (for EL scholars): This course meets Monday through Thursday on the e3 campus. Scholars work toward English proficiency using Achieve3000, Rosetta Stone and other resources to obtain mastery of English. They report daily to the e3 English Literacy Specialist and Learning Associate.  

Daily attendance is taken and our regular procedure for absences will be followed to ensure that all scholars are making steady progress toward skills competence.


For chronic absences, parent conferences will be set up immediately in order to develop a plan for success.  Mod 6 was designed to meet the academic outcomes as prescribed by the e3 Civic High Board of Trustees and the e3 Faculty and staff.  It’s your time to shine, grow, learn, and excel without limits.

Seize the moment and rise to obtain your vision!