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Public Meetings

Board Meetings
As a result of the COVID-19 emergency and the Governor’s Executive Orders N-29-20 and N-33-20, e3 Civic High monthly board meetings will occur solely via remote presence by video and teleconference. There will not be a physical public access location. e3 Board of Directors is conducting the meeting this way to protect public health by avoiding public gatherings and requiring social distancing. At the same time, our Board remains committed to transparency. Members of the public will be able to listen to and watch the meeting and comment if desired.

The Board asks for patience and cooperation. While every effort has been made to streamline the experience and conduct meetings in the manner to which our stakeholders have grown accustomed, there may be technical issues and human error. We will attempt to correct any issues that arise as soon as we can.

Individuals who require special accommodations are requested to contact the Board Liasion, Maria Gibson at [email protected]


Board meetings are public meetings and will occur monthly on the second Wednesday of the month (with the exception of holidays and school closures).  All meetings will be held in the San Diego Central Public Library's 9th Floor Library Commissioner's Conference Room.  

Agendas are posted online and on the Ground floor entrance to e3 Civic High.  As a public charter school, all meetings are open to the public.  Should there be a change in date or location, these changes will be posted on our website and on the ground level of the school entrance.  Board Documents are posted under the e3 Digital Filing Cabinet.

2nd Tuesday (unless otherwise noted on e3 Board Meeting Calendar)    
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm  
Online: Please see posted agenda for Zoom link, agenda's can be located by accessing this LINK
In-Person: San Diego Central Public Library (Unless otherwise noted on e3 Board Meeting Calendar) 
Library Commissioner's Conference Room (9th Floor)
330 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA  92101
Available below the library with a 2-hour free validation on the Library's ground floor