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Vision & Mission

Mission & Vision
The Mission & Vision of e3 Civic High is to engage, educate, and empower our learning community to be passionate, life-long learners and civic leaders who are prepared for college, workforce, and life.
The educational experience of e³ Civic High is to prepare scholars for college, workforce, and life.  Our unique learning experience provides a relevant and meaningful college and career preparatory education focused on a broad spectrum of 21st century literacy, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.  Through project-based learning founded in Design Thinking, a STEAM integrated curriculum, our scholars are engaged to explore the human condition throughout each discipline.  We believe their educational experiences will allow our scholars to determine a plethora of new possibilities that will improve the world around them.
In preparation for college, workforce, and life, scholars are issued a MacBook Air for the academic year, are offered academic support four days a week, and in their senior year, scholars are able to work at internships of their choice several days a week. We offer small class sizes, purposeful field trips, modern studio classrooms, and a celebrated diverse population of scholars who come from all over San Diego. We are also proud of our 100% graduation rate!