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Ms. Lauren Voigt works as a Humanities Learning Facilitator at e3 Civic High. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English Education from the University of Wyoming with a minor in Creative Writing. While teaching English in Wyoming, Ms. Voigt spent the summers working on her master’s degree in Technology Education through an outreach program from Michigan State University. This program allowed Ms. Voigt to spend three summers in Galway, Ireland collaborating with educators across the globe, growing in her profession, and exploring the Irish countryside. 

Before moving to California, Ms. Voigt also spent time working in schools in Maryland. When she is not teaching, Ms. Voigt enjoys spending time with her family, reading, running, surfing (or attempting to), traveling, and watching movies. She is honored to be an educator and strives to encourage students to feel empowered and engaged as they continue on in their lifelong educational journey.