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SAY San Diego

SAY San Diego is one our most powerful allies when assisting with mental health support.  The members of the SAY have assisted is with not only onsite support but strong communication for in home care/visit partnerships.  SAY also our community partner for crisis emergency support for large scale trauma (school shooting, suicide support focus groups).



SAY San Diego partnerships and services address the comprehensive needs of the entire individual or family rather than focusing on one symptom or problem. SAY engages the community to work collaboratively and works with systems such as law enforcement, schools, and local government to create positive change. SAY San Diego’s holistic approach enriches youth, empowers individuals and families, and engages communities.


Alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse prevention

Before and after school programs, preschools, and school readiness

Child abuse prevention and family support

Collaborative partnerships for military families, refugee/immigrant families, students, parents, and more

Family strengthening and self-sufficiency

Foster care and kinship parenting support

Juvenile delinquency prevention and diversion

Mental health counseling, case management, adult services, and youth development Access to health care, employment, and self-sufficiency