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Yenwen Huang

Mr. Huang is a new math learning facilitator at e3 Civic High. Before joining e3 Civic High, he had worked as a volunteer tutor for one year and a substitute teacher for two years. He was recognized by many teachers and students as one of the best substitute teachers for their school.


Mr. Huang is an immigrant from Taiwan. He immigrated to California in 2015. Before then, he had worked as a civil engineer for 15 years, participating in major construction projects in Taiwan and designing various structures, such as bridges, power plants, and metro stations. Also, he had worked as a teacher for 25 years, facilitating Taiwanese students on SAT, GRE, and GMAT tests.

Mr. Huang has a master’s degree in civil engineering. He always works on combining his expertise in engineering with math lessons, so that students can have a concrete understanding about the application of mathematics in real-world issues. In other words, Mr. Huang always tries his best to let students know why they learn math and how they can apply math to solve real-life problems.


It is Mr. Huang’s honor to become a member of e3 Civic High. It is an even greater honor for Mr. Huang to work with all the scholars of e3 Civic High.