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Sara Sandoval

Mrs. Sandoval was born and raised in southern California. She lived in Washington and has recently returned to the golden state and made San Diego her new home. She is currently attending National University and will graduate in 2020 with her Bachelor of Mathematics and Inspired Teaching, as well as her single subject teaching credential. She is ready to engage scholars and do her part to make their e3 experience empowering. While she aspires to educate the scholars in their classes, her focus is to remove stress and worry when learning new concepts and assure each student they are up to the task. When not in the studios Mrs. Sandoval likes to explore San Diego and the surrounding areas with her family. They enjoy the beautiful coast to the west, the off road trails and camping to the east, and the diverse food options in all directions. Living in San Diego, the only thing more exciting than the plethora of restaurants to choose from, is getting to work with the faculty and scholars of e3.