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Ms. Gregory has taught high school in England, 5th grade in Los Angeles, and middle school math and English in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, went to college in Boston, taught in England for a year, then returned to Los Angeles to attend a teaching and Masters' program at Pacific Oaks College. She raised her three children in Albuquerque on a small farm with chickens and guineas, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, goats, and even some pet rats. When she brought her eldest child to UCSD for his freshman year, she realized how much she missed the ocean and made plans to move to San Diego as soon as possible. Four years later, she finally was able to move, and she has spent as much time in and on the ocean as possible, both surfing and rowing. She's very excited to teach high school again, and is honored to be part of this passionate and dedicated team of learning facilitators and staff.