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e3 Civic High offers an extraordinary college and career prep education designed to create Civic Leaders and Life-Long learners.  Using a Project-based instructional strategy, students are afforded a hands-on, challenging curriculum that is designed to prepare them to succeed in a post-secondary path that will propel them into their place of purpose and passion.  Having access to become experts in 21st-century digital literacy, social literacy, cultural literacy, and rigorous academics, e3 scholars will take an active place in our society and command the change that will make our world, their world, a brighter place for all.  


To that end, we thrive on the generosity of donors who support transformational educational programs like ours. If you desire to be a part of the e3 revolution, please consider becoming a financial partner.  Each and every contribution will be used to fulfill the mission and vision in the life of every e3 Civic High scholar.  We thank you in advance for your belief and support of the work that we do to shape the leaders of today and tomorrow.