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What Teens Need From Schools

Using a holistic approach to meet basic requisites.
Cheryl James-Ward, Michelle Harkrider, Craig Bowden, Lawrence Ke Xu, and Cesia Ayala Portilla | Principal Leadership Article • November 2019

A Comparative Analysis of 21st Century Schools in the United States

In the 21st century, students must be prepared for a constantly changing world and trained to work in environments different from those of past decades. Jobs that can be outsourced to cheaper labor markets and those that can be automated inevitably are. With the exception of engineers and similarly specialized technical workers, college graduates often find themselves in low wage jobs for which they are overqualified because their training does not align to today’s job needs. This study investigated schools in the two largest global economies, the United States and The People’s Republic of China...

The Myths of Multi Tasking

The adoption of technology in classrooms has led to the rise of multitasking by students. Educators like Stephen Cerruti of e3 Civic High in San Diego, CA are not only tasked with creating a productive classroom with emerging technology, but also making sure students remain focused on the task at hand. We asked Stephen to share his thoughts on student multitasking and how current technology can help teach productive learning habits for students.....

Effective Practices of Successful Blended Learning Schools

Blended learning is a teaching technique utilizing face-to-face teaching and online or technology-based practice in which the learner has the ability to exert control over the pace, place, path, or time of learning. Schools that employ this teaching method often demonstrate larger gains than traditional programs due to their increased ability to differentiate and quickly assess student learning. This study sought to determine ways blended-learning models contribute to student success, how blended-learning schools are measuring student success, and how administrators are supporting teachers in their use of blended techniques....
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