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San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephen visits e3!

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan joined e3 Civic High School and the Art Institute of California today to announce that a group of e3 Civic High students mentored by the DA’s Office created an innovative mobile phone app designed to inspire youth to make good choices. As part of their participation in the DA’s Youth Advisory Board, students at e3 Civic High School researched and designed the app to address issues faced by young people such as addiction, crime, education and peer pressure. They chose an app platform so the outreach would be accessible and appealing to their peers, and because it is an easy way for students to learn about the consequences of their choices.
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Summer Bridge 2018

Welcome Scholars! To support your transition into our school community and culture, you will be attending a five-day orientation, Summer Bridge, August 20-24. During this event you will have an opportunity to meet your new learning facilitators and fellow scholars. More importantly, you will gain insight on what it means to be an e3 scholar. See you 9 a.m. Monday, August 20th. The rest of the week will begin at 8 a.m.
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Featured in Education Week

Showcasing Creativity in School Construction: New school designs are supporting the academic goals of educators—and in some cases, pushing the boundaries of K-12 architecture.

Flexible learning spaces, enhanced technology, environmentally friendly features, and co-location are all characteristics being incorporated into innovative new school buildings and projects.

"Schools are actually becoming more sophisticated learning environments," said John Dale, a principal and studio leader at the architecture firm Harley Ellis Devereaux, based in Los Angeles. "They're more nuanced and doing a better job at taking into account the different ways in which learning takes place." "Green schools," for example, save energy and money, and often educate students about their methods and provide opportunities for study. New buildings that move away from long hallways with closed classrooms toward more interactive spaces promote collaboration around instruction and learning.

One of the hottest trends in new school construction is co-location, said Sarah Luchs, a program officer at Next Generation Learning Challenges, which often works with schools that are transforming academically—and sometimes architecturally.

Schools are being built on the campuses of technology companies, in libraries, and in conjunction with other educational programs.

"These schools promote a connection to the community and often have business partnerships to offer a lot of applied learning," Luchs said. "It used to be either an academic track or a career track, and now the two are mixing."
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e3 Board of Trustees Meetings

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 4:30 pm
Central Library Sullivan's Commissioner Room - 9th Floor

You can visit the website to review Board Documents.

Thank you for remaining involved in every e3 Civic High Decision-making table. We hope to see you often! Board meetings and updates are posted on our website. Please notify the front office at 619-546-0000 if you plan to attend the meeting and need Spanish translation or other accommodations.
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