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Honoring e3 Parents... Giving-of-Thanks

We honored our parents with a FREE, catered Thanksgiving luncheon as we celebrated their unwavering support! The team served a delicious meal with baked turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, salad, and apple pie. All guests enjoyed the beautiful view from the Library's 9th floor Shiley Special Events Suite and holiday harmonies of the Advanced Choir under the direction of Ms. Wallace. We had gifts for the families in attendance and it was a beautiful demonstration of thanks!
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UCSD & San Diego Padres Partner with e3 Civic High for STEM Career Day!

Earlier this month, Dudek introduced Bobby and his own unconventional career path to about 90 e3 scholars. UC San Diego Health staff walked with scholars to Petco Park for a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career day.

“When the San Diego Padres selected UC San Diego as their official health care provider earlier this year, it was important to both organizations to collaborate on health and education outreach efforts in the local community,” said Patty Maysent, CEO of UC San Diego Health. It was at that time they chose to partner with e3 Civic High and engage scholars to the plethora of STEM careers that exist in major league baseball and the healthcare industry.

During the event, Dudek, Eric Hernandez, community health program representative from the Shiley Eye Institute at UC San Diego Health, and Brian McBurney, director of Baseball Research and Development for the Padres, spoke to the scholars about nontraditional STEM careers available in health care and sports.

“We have the types of careers nobody ever says they’re going to be when they grow up, because they don’t exist then,” Dudek said. “Now, STEM is the foundation for many careers, even if you don’t plan to become an engineer or a doctor. And even if you do, doctors can’t purely specialize in medicine without also incorporating technology — from learning a new procedure using virtual reality, to using electronic medical records or robots that assist in surgery.” The expert panel was moderated by Dr. Griffith and the scholars were particularly interested to learn about the connections between health care and sports, and how STEM is woven in to so many careers. After lunch they enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of Petco Park.

When reflecting on the trip, Zora, a 10th grader stated, “Today has really been a reality check to show we’re not learning STEM just because… there are actually a lot of uses for these subjects”. She hopes to pursue a career that uses mathematics — her favorite STEM subject. Thank you UC San Diego Health Care and San Diego Padres for this transformational partnership.
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1st Place - Design 4 San Diego Competition!

Let's congratulate Mr. Cerruti, our Mathematics and Computer Science Learning Facilitator for a win with his team of scholars from the Amazing League of Programmers. They took first place in the Design 4 San Diego competition, winning the $5,000 grand prize.
Their problem focused on how to make the road safe for bicycles and cars, given the number of bike accidents from cars running into bicyclists. After much research and learning from both groups of end users, the team came up with a device (transponder) that can be installed in cars and attached to bikes that will alert motorists if they are getting too close to bikes. Amazing!!!...
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e3 Parent Living Room

After searching for the perfect place for our parents to gather, relax, and engage, we have designated the e3 Living Room as the optimal location. Daily, parents can drop in, have coffee or tea, and share their ideas to keep e3 on the path of success. Stop by anytime. The Living Room is located on the 6th floor in the northwest corner of the campus. We promise to have smiles, open arms, and open minds in order to support the needs of all families. We love our parents!
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e3 Civic High in Support of DACA

e3 Civic High is deeply committed to the inclusion of all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, heritage, national origin, immigration status, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, medical condition, or disability. We believe that America is a compassionate country and that all persons should be fully supported in that context.

One educational program in particular epitomizes our values of access and success for all scholars. This very special program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), has provided support to young people who were brought to this country as children, not under their own volition. It was established via executive order by the previous presidential administration to provide a fair and practical way for these young people to be treated. Most of these young people have only known the United States of America as their home and they have prospered in the many endeavors they have pursued in our great educational systems, including schools, community colleges, and universities. Our educational organization enrolls DACA scholars and we are proud of them.
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