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News and Announcements

Parent Coffee with the Executive Director/CEO

Please look for upcoming dates for our Parent Coffee time with our Executive Director/CEO,
Dr. Griffith. Parent Coffee times will begin in October as our Back-to-School event is scheduled for September 15. We will provide updates for the upcoming meetings.
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Welcome to the 2016-17 Instructional Year!

Welcome to the 2016-17 academic year of transformation! We believe that this year is full of potential and greatness. Let’s seize the moment! When opportunity presents itself; don’t be afraid; go after it! Determine that you will nurture, grow and develop the “awesome” that exists within you. This new school year brings us the opportunity for our entire Learning community to Reach New Heights! Together, let’s commit to going after what we thought was not possible; and to extend our abilities to levels not yet imagined! Please join us in the work of creating the e3 world changers!
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Openings Available for Enrollment

e3 Civic High is still accepting applications for new students. Please call our office for inquiries.

e3 Civic High aun esta aceptando aplicaciones de admisión para estudiantes de nuevo ingreso. Por favor llame a la oficina para mas información.
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e3 adds new Advanced Placement (AP) courses for 2016-2017

In addition to AP Art History, e3 now offers AP English Literature, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Spanish, AP Biology. Additionally, Anatomy & Physiology and Philosophy are added as Honor Courses increasing our offerings. If you are interested in any of these courses, please email your counselor for consideration. Students successfully completing the courses are eligible to take the AP Exams for collegiate credit.
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e3 Civic High achieves a 99% Graduation Rate

e3 Civic High celebrated their first commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 18 on the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University. More than 500 family members and friends were in attendance as we witnessed the students receive their high school diploma, the first degree of many.
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LCAP Final Approval

Please review the summary of the 2016-17 LCAP Goals and Activities for e3 Civic High that were approved during the Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees last night. We thank every stakeholder for their input. This is the guiding document for our school and will direct our student and staff outcomes each year.
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