e3 Civic High School

College Spirit Week (April 24 - 28)

 The theme for each day was as follows:

Monday, April 24
Scholars Wear: College gear
Faculty & Staff Wear: College Regalia (Cap, gown, & hood)

Tuesday, April 25
Professional e3 Attire: Oxford shirt, school tie, sweater or vest, & Khaki or plaid bottom
(Schoolwide Field trip to the National College Fair)

Wednesday, April 26
Dress for success (Scholars will dress for their future profession and be prepared to discuss how to get there! Prizes will be awarded for best answers!)

Thursday, April 27
College Jersey Day

Friday, April 28
Pajama Wear for the College Dorm (For safety: Must wear closed toed shoes, no​ open-toed​ slippers​ or flip flops​)

All e3 participants  entered into a drawing for free gifts and prizes!