e3 Civic High School

Hidden Figures e3 Attends the Private Screening

After viewing the movie scholars from Ms. Heath's Advisory wrote the following reflections:

"I thought the movie Hidden Figures was a great movie, it shows that everyone can do anything they set their mind to. It was very inspirational in many ways because it showed how many women and people fought for their equal rights in different forms. This movie taught me some things about history and how people have made a change from now and then. These women in the film were very passionate about what they did. I will recommend friends to watch this movie because it did inspire me to keep going. Even if there are obstacles, you can pass them like they did. Although I'm sure that their obstacles might have been bigger than mine
so nothing should stop me."

"I think it was very interesting how in the past they were divided by rooms, white rooms and black rooms and how white people despised black people, I think it was interesting because these three ladies worked really hard to get their respect, and how the white people, at the end, needed their help. I think this movie is really interesting because it shows us that even though other people have different skin color we can work together. It was really beautiful to compare how they were treated at the first time and then by working hard the white people received their help. In conclusion, I think this movie is really helpful for students that are being bullied. They can show respect and see how other people can work in teams with people that have other skin colors."

"I actually really liked this movie because it shows how they were all successful. I learned that if you don't get something, you have to fight for it until you get it. The message that I would share with people would be that it does not matter what skin color you are you always have a chance to succeed in everything. I loved this movie because it shows our generation that we can become anything we want. It shows women that they could defy society and work toward their dreams. This movie was very beautiful. I recommend it to everyone, especially, young girls because the movie expresses a very compelling story that will allow these girls to reach for their goals."


We hope that each scholar will use this amazing true story to fuel their hopes and aspirations to accomplish every goal they set for themselves.