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e3 Survey Data 2015 Available

Congratulations e3 Civic High - we had an outstanding participation rate with 394 students, 242 parents, and 45 staff members completing the survey. Because of you, we gathered invaluable feedback!  

This is our second time administering a large-scale survey and we plan to take a deep dive into the results and use the data to inform our decisions around school culture, structure and policies, and curriculum and instruction.  As an emerging school that's been in operation for less than 3 years, we had outstanding positive feedback.  While we enjoyed a high overall rating with the grade of A or B, we also want to focus on the areas for improvement.  Our staff has already begun to review the data and will continue to have conversations about next steps for improvement in the identified areas.

I encourage you to read the report and plan to continue to share your voice at every available opportunity such as:
-The monthly Parent Coffee sessions 
-Our monthly School Site Council/School Advisory Council meetings
-Sending an email to the Executive Director, Chief of Academics, Deans, faculty, or another staff member 
-Make an appointment or drop in to meet with the Executive Director, Chief of Academics, Deans, faculty member, or another staff member, and/or
-Make a phone call to any staff to share more feedback.  

We must keep the dialogue flowing!

As we are planning for the upcoming academic year, we'll use the survey results to inform our 2016-17 Local Control Accountability Plan goals (LCAP) and to make decisions about culture, curriculum, professional development, and our entire academic program.

It is the plan to conduct the Teacher's College survey on an annual basis as our formal data gathering process. For future years, the survey data will also be used in our Charter Renewal Process and for the full Self-Study for WASC accreditation renewal in 2018. Additionally, the data can be used for grant writing and the development of additional partnerships as we seek to enhance the college and career going preparation at e3 Civic High.  We will continue to host multiple opportunities for all stakeholders to share their voice to make our school better, and to become the world-class model that we are destined for. 

The briefing is posted here.  We look forward to using the results to guide our plans as we endeavor to create a school that will have a positive impact upon every member of our Learning Community.  Thank you again for staying engaged to make that reality possible.