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e3 Civic High partners with the Neighborhood House Association for College Prep

 e3 Civic High partners with the San Diego Neighborhood House Association (NHA) for College Prep Program

e3 Civic High, along with NHA has created some great opportunities for our students.  The first is an effort to identify current e3 students that participated in the San Diego County Head Start program during their preschool years. Head Start alumni have gone on to become business owners and artists, musicians and doctors, teachers and Members of Congress, and exceptional sons, daughters and parents. Those who have been touched by this program know the reality of how a head start in life can help lead to success.

If you are the parent of Head Start alum, please join our local campaign to encourage all former Head Start children and parents to identify themselves and share their story. You can email the information including the name of your child, the year(s) of participation and the program’s site or location where your child attended to  

Once you and your family join the Alumni Network, you’ll receive newsletters, networking opportunities, and hear about the amazing work your peers are doing all across the country. Alumni Network members will also be kept informed of NHA's work to ensure that the Head Start opportunities remain open for future generations, including the many ways you can get involved and help out.


The second opportunity for Head Start Alumni is to become a member of NHA College Apps Academy Program, where college dreams are realized. With a focus on Head Start Alumni, first generation college students, located in Southeastern San Diego, this joint program will offer all of the benefits of the Academy’s 13-month program, with the additions of a mentorship/community service component and an optional paid internship opportunity.

The goal of the Academy is to engage 20 students who are, Head Start Alumni, Set to Graduate in the spring of 2017, and Have a GPA of at least 2.75. The Academy will provide tailored, step by step college prep services to student participants, with the end goal of receiving a college acceptance letter! For additional information, please click here for more information.