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Inspirational Melodies + from Santana

Lead singer, Andy Vargas along with his band, Soulerous visited e3 to share his story of overcoming challenges and the triumph of success. Scholars heard a powerful message about the potential that resides within them to make change, leave a positive impact, and inspire others. That message was highlighted by the beautiful music that filled the entire 9th floor of the Shiley Suite. Oye cómo va mi ritmo...
Scholars were invited to volunteer at the Love Thy Neighbor event on Saturday. A Benefit Toy Drive was held at the East Village Courtyard to uplift the terminally ill children in hospitals just across our border. As usual, e3 showed up to give their time in service to others!
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e3 Madrigals take Performance on the road...

Members of the Madrigal choir have been taking the beauty of song into the broader community of San Diego. They were invited to perform at the dinner for the Urban League's Celebration of Diversity for Women Leaders and at the San Diego Downtown Fellowship of Churches Holiday Luncheon. Both groups were inspired by the music and have donated to support the choir's trip to the Music Competition in Washington, DC. If you'd like the choir to perform at your event, contact mgibson@e3Civichigh.com.
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The Blue Heart Foundation honors Dr. Griffith...

Congratulations to our CEO as she earned the Educator Activist of the Year Award from the Blue Heart Foundation for her work in the community of San Diego.

The Awards ceremony was emceed by members of the Blue Heart's Class 2019- 20. They shared their accomplishments of successful relationships as HEART members and their dreams as as they move to higher education. Blue Heart hopes to inspire the next generation to reach their highest potential and pursue exceptional educational goals.

The Blue Heart Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization benefiting underserved children of the community and foster youth. We salute the honorees and the leadership of the Blue Heart Foundation.
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