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еᶾ Civic High was designed by leading educational design architects and experts in learning environments to redefine what an urban learning space could do. e3 is co-located within the new, nine-story, San Diego Central Public Library. Housed within the urban community known as the East Village in downtown San Diego, the school exists on two floors, 6 and 7, with approximately 77,000 square feet. The site is designed with four learning villages that house five studio classrooms each with 21st century technology and design. 

Studios have floor to ceiling glass walls and doors, and the site is outfitted with completely mobile furnishings (hard and soft seating), tables on casters, ottoman seating, tech end-tables, cabaret tables, and glass and floor-to-ceiling dry erase walls for charting and problem-solving. Each studio is equipped with smart projectors, document cameras, Apple TV, and ceiling mounted sound systems with cordless microphones. The two floors incorporate four large common learning spaces that connect the village studio classrooms. Additionally, both floors include several learning niches that are interspersed throughout the campus. A presentation stairway connects the two floors for travel, mini assemblies, presentations, study, eating, and gathering. Both floors have large meeting venues: the Park on the 6 th floor and the Plaza on the 7 th floor. A rhythm studio and a nutritional lab are standout spaces within the campus, providing a platform for teaching the property of healing foods, healthy lifestyles, and the importance of fitness and wellness. A Design Thinking studio with prototyping machines overlooks the Coronado Bridge. 

Additionally, the connection with the San Diego Central Public allows scholars access to the IDEA Lab, the Hervey Family Rare Book Room, an art gallery, and the Sullivan Family Baseball Research Center. 

e3 Civic High is like no other campus in the world and give scholars rare opportunities to learn and thrive in an unique urban setting.