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Open Positions


Here is a list of our openings and interested candidates can apply via our website by completing an application in the links bar marked Certificated or Non-Certificated application.  You can also go to Ed Join to apply.





                Staff Positions (Non-Teaching) 

Use the Non-Certificated Application Link


Subject                                                                                  Status

 Special Education Para Educators                                     OPEN

 Student Support Liaison (Bi-Lingual)                                  OPEN

Should additional openings occur, they will be posted on Ed Join.  Please continue to visit their website for current postings.  




                             Faculty Positions

Use the Certificated Application Link


Subject                                                                            Status

•Mathematics                                                                  OPEN 

•Humanities                                                                    OPEN

•Science (Biology credential)                                         CLOSED

•Spanish                                                                         OPEN

•Special Education (Ed Specialist)                                 OPEN  

•Performing Arts                                                            OPEN

•Nutrition and Wellness                                                 OPEN




℮³ Civic High is an innovative, supportive and highly collaborative place to work.  With problem-based and project-based learning as one of our chief instructional strategies, we seek creative and talented subject-matter experts who will work it teams to integrate students' learning experiences with the real world. 


Members of the ℮³ team will thrive in an environment that allows teachers to: 


• Create and implement problem-based and project-based curriculum for assigned core courses.

•Connect student work to the world outside the classroom.

• Develop effective working relationships with colleagues.

• Develop interdisciplinary curriculum with team partners.

• Personalize instruction. Differentiate to support and/or challenge students.

• Establish positive, supportive relationship with students; value all students.

• Act as an advisor for a group of students; looping over four years.

• Actively involve parents as a valued team member and establish excellent working relationships

• Be a conscientious, innovative, and reflective practitioner demonstrating the habits of a life-long learner .

• Take part in the design and maintenance of innovative components of school.

• Be comfortable utilizing technology.

• Love teaching and learning.



Visitor Teaching Positions (OPEN, Continuous Recruitment)


We are currently recruiting for the ℮³ Civic High Visiting Teacher pool for the current academic year. Applicants must possess a valid California teaching Credential, possess a TB clearance, and have completed a recent background check with the San Diego County Office of Education or the San Diego Unified School District.  To apply, complete the Certificated Application and list the position applied for as Visiting Substitute Teacher.  Upload a resume and any accompanying documents.  Feel free to list a desired subject, however, Visiting teachers may be placed outside of a preferred content area.