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Study Abroad

e3 Civic High encourages the application of the use of world language and cross-cultural development through travel tours.  The opportunity to for students to study abroad provides the foundation for building global citizens. The following trips are available to our students during this academic year.

Costa Rica Study Tour 2015

Tour Dates: June 29 - July 06, 2015
Departure City: San Diego, CA

You can get more details about the itinerary and pricing.  Link the link for Educational Travel and enter the info below: 

Enter our Group username & password

Group Username: travel
Group Password: costarica

Chinese Study Tour 2015

I am delighted to share with you the announcement from Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban of 2015 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for American High School Students. 

Please click on the link to get more information and to apply.

Please send your application (in PDF scanned format) to one of the Chinese teachers or Dr. Xu before Friday, March 06, 2015. All application must reach CI office by Friday, March 06, 2015. Please be reminded that students must include an essay and a letter of recommendation along with the application form.