e3 Civic High School

e3 Internships

At e3 we provide an environment where students learn, create and excel through community partnerships.  When a student has the opportunity to observe and interact with industry professionals their chances of setting and achieving goals increases and the life long benefits extend beyond the classroom.  Internships are workplace learning opportunities that are an integral part of the Community Classroom curriculum at e3 Civic High.  Students enrolled in the course participate in either a Career Exploratory or Career Target Internship.  Career Exploratory Internships are for students who are unsure about their career interest.  This type of internship  focuses on soft skills and students may rotate through various departments to gain an understanding of career options available to them.  Career Target Internships are for students who are interested in a particular career path.  Students will work on projects and build skill sets that are commonly found in that career.  e3 students can enrolled in Community Classroom starting in 9th grade.  If you would like to become an internship host site please complete the e3 Intern Request Form.