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Senator Toni Atkins comments about e3 Civic High

In an announcement about support of e3 programming, Senator Toni Atkins of the 39th District said: "They are an extraordinary institution with a tall mission to serve students who daily face challenges, yet are driven to succeed." e3 Civic High is pleased to have the support of such an amazing public servant like Senator Toni Atkins.

About Toni Atkins:
Elected to the State Senate in 2016 after serving as Speaker of the California State Assembly, Senator Toni G. Atkins represents the 39th Senate District, which includes the cities of San Diego, Coronado, Del Mar and Solana Beach.

Prior to state elective office, Senator Atkins worked as director of clinic services at Womancare Health Center and later as a member of the San Diego City Council.

Under her leadership, the Assembly Democrats championed the state's first Earned Income Tax Credit, which benefits nearly 1.5 million Californians and lifts 50,000 people out of poverty and 50,000 others out of deep poverty. She also provided budget funding to help provide more affordable housing, one of the state's biggest crises and the issue that is closest to her heart.

As Speaker, she helped stop the University of California from imposing a 27 percent tuition increase on students; was a leader in negotiating a $7.5-billion water bond that provides clean, safe drinking water and makes improvements to the state's water system; has helped ensure California's financial stability through a Rainy Day Fund; aided in finding a solution to the chronic underfunding of the State Teachers Retirement System; and has led the passage of two on-time, balanced budgets.

Toni Atkins is a coalition builder who believes that sound government policies can impact people's lives in positive ways. During her tenure as Speaker, funding for higher education in California reached its highest-ever level. In addition to being a leading voice for affordable housing, she is a powerful advocate for women, the LGBT community and a champion for veterans, individuals, and families experiencing homelessness.

While Speaker, Toni Atkins passed legislation that helps small businesses, preserves dignity for transgender individuals, protects wildlife, assists victims of domestic violence, protects our environment, ensures coastal access, and strengthens family justice centers, among other accomplishments.

Senator Atkins was born in Virginia and earned her bachelor's degree in political science from Emory & Henry College and completed the senior executive program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She lives in the South Park/Golden Hill community of San Diego with her spouse Jennifer LeSar and their dogs, Haley and Joey.
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Competency Based Summer School Begins June 19

In order to continue the mission to create College Competitive scholars, Monday, June 19 marks the beginning of the e3 Competency Based Summer School. Scholars who have earned grades at D or below in a mandatory content course are required to attend the Summer Session. Daily instruction begins as follows.
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On Sunday, e3 Civic High graduated its first inaugural class of the school, the Class of 2017. These scholars were the first cohort to graduate having attending the first four years of the school. We joined with 1,737 attendees who cheered on this amazing class of scholars.

We were honored to have Senator Toni Atkins, representing Senate District 39 as our Guest Speaker. She inspired each of us as she shared her life's mission to support the fight for immigration rights; environmental issues and climate change; access to health care; affordable, quality housing; living wage equality; reproductive rights; racial equality; LGBT equality; marriage equality; living wage equality; small business support; job creation for disadvantaged communities; and social and economic justice! We are proud to stand with Senator Atkins and other civically engaged citizens to use our talents to improve the quality of life for all.

Congratulations Class of 2017 - we send you into the world to take your place and leave a positive footprint in history!
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Class of 2017 Presentations of Learning

The culmination of experience from their high school career at e3 Civic High was presented on Friday June 2, 2017 by each of our 109 scholars to an authentic audience of their peers, family, business professionals and board members Scholars reflected on the past four years and the learning that shaped their character, academic accomplishments, and how it will now direct their future study. These seniors were poised, polished, and professional.
Using their Digital Platform, scholars demonstrated their mastery of critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, their ability to be a creative collaborator, a culturally inclusive and proficient citizen, and one who has practiced the value of giving back through a life of civic service. We are proud to facilitate a successful transition into their next phase of growth and development and to present them to the world! Go Griffins!
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e3 Civic High Commencement Ceremony Sunday, June 11th 4:00 pm San Diego Civic Theatre

On Sunday, e3 Civic High will graduate the first inaugural class of the school, the Class of 2017. These scholars are the first cohort to graduate having attending the first four years of the school. On Sunday afternoon, 109 scholars are set to mount the stage and receive their diploma.
We are honored to have Senator Toni Atkins, representing Senate District 39 as our Guest Speaker. She will charge the graduates to continue on a path that will produce personal success and one that will prepare them to make great contributions to our world.
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Seniors Danced the Night Away...

The Class of 2017 enjoyed a beautiful Prom under the stars of the 9th floor Shiley Special Events Room with plenty of great music, dancing, posing, smiling, and celebrating! Scholars selected their 2017 Prom King and Queen and the honors went to Rikayah Salmond, Queen and Jaime Orozco, King. It was an evening of elegance, fun, and memories that will last a lifetime!
Extra special thanks to the Parent Booster Club for their financial donation and to the team of dedicated parents who volunteered to make the event unforgettable. Additional Kudos and cheers to the e3 staff that came out to celebrate with the scholars and to their phenomenal Class Advisor, Ms. Portillo!
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e3 Showcase & Exhibition Civic Leaders Creating a Positive Footprint

On May 24, e3 scholars showcased their work to more than 400 families and members of the business community. The next showcase will include our senior Presentations of Learning as they share the culmination of their high school experience. We are proud of the work of our scholars ad look forward to growth and impact as they create a positive footprint in our city.
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e3 Winners at the ACE Competition Architecture, Construction & Engineering

Twelve high schools in San Diego County with ACE clubs presented their projects related to the theme "smart growth" on the campus of San Diego State University. The e3 project named "Kick Start" incorporated the design and planning of a structure on a lot located downtown that is currently used for parking. The location is across from the New School of architecture on G Street. The location takes advantage of proximity to the trolley corridor and the streets egressing from downtown toward both Hwy 94 east and I-5 north. The structure incorporates transit options (including rental cars), dining, and meeting opportunities on the first floor, office space on the second floor, and micro-unit apartments on the third and fourth floors. The idea is to kick start smart options for young people (including architecture students) who can't afford spacious apartments or private transportation.

The event commenced with a display that included design boards, a computer visualized walk-around of the building, a physical model, and scholars available to explain their project to visitors and fellow ACE participants. Afterward, all of the twelve schools with ACE programs presented their projects in a formal powerpoint presentation followed by questions from the audience. After lunch, three scholars received $1,000 scholarships to cover expenses should they decide on a college major in architecture, construction management, or engineering. The scholarships are available exclusively to juniors and seniors. The e3 awardees were juniors Jorge Garcia, Max Gonzalez, and Hedoardo Escalante.
Congratulations and Go Griffins!!
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LCAP Draft Ready for Review

The 17-18 LCAP draft was distributed during the Spring Exhibition for feedback and review. Please read and share your feedback via email, in person, or via a phone call to the CEO/Executive Director.
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Design Thinking Community Classroom

Over the course of six months, senior scholars in Ms. Woods Community Classroom used the Design Thinking five phase process to solve problems that they each are passionate about. Design thinking, used by multi-conglomerate companies, is used at e3 as a means to engage, educate and empower scholars to solve personalized complex problems that positively impact local and/or global communities.
More about the senior DT Projects can be found in the Community Classroom Page.
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