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e3 is hiring!

e3 is looking to fill the following positions:
Instructional Tutors - Science
Education Specialist (two positions: one through January 2017 and one through June 2018)
Instructional Technologist
Computer Science Learning Facilitator

All of these jobs are posted on Edjoin. Please see the link below. You can apply on EdJoin or use the appropriate application from our website.
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Last week we celebrated our journey to the next level of making e3 a NO PLACE FOR HATE SCHOOL. The activities were fun, engaging, and creative. Our Civic Leaders, under the direction of Ms. Heath and Ms. Guzman created opportunities that brought us together, sparked difficult conversations, and challenged each of us to personal reflection. We checked our "heart meter" to see how much calibration is needed to ensure we are choosing to LOVE every member of the human race!
The week culminated with 2 life-changing assemblies: one featured Mr. Michael Brunker, Executive Director of the Jackie Robinson YMCA and our second assembly featured our e3, in-house panel of 4 Scholars and 4 staff members. We will continue to keep the bar high and focus on creating a peaceful world!
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e3 Civic High in Support of DACA

e3 Civic High is deeply committed to the inclusion of all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, heritage, national origin, immigration status, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, medical condition, or disability. We believe that America is a compassionate country and that all persons should be fully supported in that context.

One educational program in particular epitomizes our values of access and success for all scholars. This very special program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), has provided support to young people who were brought to this country as children, not under their own volition. It was established via executive order by the previous presidential administration to provide a fair and practical way for these young people to be treated. Most of these young people have only known the United States of America as their home and they have prospered in the many endeavors they have pursued in our great educational systems, including schools, community colleges, and universities. Our educational organization enrolls DACA scholars and we are proud of them.
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Back to School Night 2017

Join us for our annual BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT on Thursday, September 14 from 5 pm to 7 pm. There will be important updates from Dr. Griffith, introduction of the e3 staff, grade level presentations, new programs and courses for 2017-18, information on how parent and guardians can get involved at e3 Civic High and food & fun. For guests who choose to park in the the Library Garage, the fee will be $5 upon entrance into the garage. Cash or credit card may be used for payment.
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