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Senior Pictures

Class of 2018...It's Time!

e3 Civic High School - Class of 2018

Senior Portrait time, that is!
Boyd Anderson Photography is your exclusive "OFFICIAL" photographer for your Senior Portrait. 
To be included in the Senior section of the Yearbook you must be photographed by us.  We provide a (one) FREE Mini Session which meets your school's Yearbook requirements.
When you select one of our Studio Creative Sessions the Free Mini is included and you do not need to book a Mini in addition to your Creative Session.We provide you with lots of options for your Senior Portrait. We have Cap & Gowns in your school colors if you wish to have Cap & Gown session added to your Senior Portrait session.

Portrait Session @ School...Friday, August 4th

Boyd Anderson Photography will bring a full Studio set up to School and photograph MINI Sessions for Yearbook only.  NO Mini Session Add-Ons will be taken at school.
IF, this is more convenient for you than coming to our Studio in La Mesa. Then, you need to call the studio now to reserve your appointment time at school.  619.444.1184  Walk-ins (no appointment) will be asked to wait until we have an opening or a "no show".  We have no control over how long you may or may not have to wait.  So - insure that you have an appointment to avoid any inconvenience.
Trolley Information

Want a Studio Experience?

Book your Senior Portrait Mini or Creative Session with us at our Studio.  Our Studio is located in the Grossmont Center Mall.  The Grossmont Trolley Station is down the hill from the Mall - a short  2-3 block walk.  Green & Orange line Trollies both stop at the Grossmont Trolley Station.  Click the logo above and it will take you directly to our Info page about the Trolley and MTS Service.


The following ADD-ONs are available when booking the FREE Mini Session in our Studio.  These Add-Ons will allow you to take advantage of our services to get you more variety during your Yearbook Session with us.  All Add-Ons must be booked and paid for when you reserve your FREE Mini Session.  Multiple Add-Ons may be purchased.
Cap & Gown Session Add-On
Drape Add-On
Tuxedo Add-on
Casual Wear Add-On
Creative Session

Creative Studio & Location Sessions

These Special Sessions are just that...a way for you and our photographers to work together to create some truly memorable images.  Images which show the "REAL" you.
These Special Sessions allow for more time, outfits, props, backgrounds and of course images.  They do cost more.  And, they are, due to the amount of time they take, LIMITED.
Creative Studio & Location Sessions will only be available until Mid-September and then again after January 2018.
Because of Yearbook deadlines these sessions will NOT be available between Mid-September and the end of January.
So...IF you want to take advantage of our Creative abilities and book one of these Special Sessions you need to do it NOW!  Because, once they are gone...they are gone.  At least until
February 2018.
Let's get started!


Don't wait... click the button and get STARTED!
1. Please take the time to read the information on our website.  Especially YOUR School's Information page.
2. Carefully select the Session or Add-Ons you want.
3. Have fun!  We are looking forward to seeing you soon.